September 8, 2023

CADARO Unveils Exciting Rebranding Initiative to Enhance Identity and Customer Experience

Amarillo, TX – (September 8, 2023) – CADARO, formerly recognized as FloMetrix, is delighted to introduce a sweeping rebranding campaign aimed at elevating its identity, mission, and customer engagement. This strategic undertaking underscores the company’s steadfast commitment to adapting to the ever-evolving market landscape and reinforcing its prominent standing as a leading provider of cutting-edge dry bulk material handling technology.

“Close enough is not good enough. CADARO’s patented technology is designed to empower our customers with the confidence to measure with precision, fostering operational efficiency and transparency. Real-time, accurate, digitally integrated data undeniably augments the overall efficiency of grain handling and serves as a catalyst for automation, leading to reduced labor requirements and enhanced safety,” affirmed Royce Schulte, President and COO at CADARO.

CADARO operates at the forefront of the dry flowable goods measurement sector, delivering technologically advanced solutions. Their flagship technology offerings, showcased within the renowned Integral™ and Veracity™ flow sensor product series, alongside a comprehensive suite of services, facilitate exact inline measurements of both flow rate and weight, ultimately diminishing operational expenditures and mitigating health and safety hazards.

In addition to their groundbreaking innovations, CADARO distinguishes itself through its unique approach to customer relationship management. CADARO prioritizes being a partner first and foremost, with product and service provision following suit. This means that every facet of their operations revolves around the unified objective of comprehending and delivering paramount value to their customers.

“Every member of the CADARO team embodies the ethos of innovation with a heart for transparency. This entails a deep understanding of our customers’ challenges and the creation of smart, simple, and safe solutions that foster long-term relationships. While we remain dedicated to perfecting our technology, we steadfastly prioritize meeting the genuine needs of our valued customers,” emphasized Schulte.

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CADARO is a trailblazing product and service provider in the dry flowable goods measurement industry, dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art technology solutions and exceptional customer experiences. Their innovative Integral™ and Veracity™ flow sensor product series, combined with a wide array of services, empower clients with precise measurements, reduced operational costs, and enhanced safety. CADARO places partnership and customer value at the core of its mission, striving to understand and meet the unique needs of its clients.

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